Sword Art Online II First Impressions (1): Here we go again

So, let me get this straight...the main antagonist for this series is a man who wields a weapon he calls "Death Gun" that kills people with heart attacks? This seems somewhat familiar for some reason. Anyway, back with more Sword Art Online...Kirito has been called into another new game to save the world.

I certainly have my worries going into this show. These heart attacks can't be explained away with magic...a focused pulse aimed at stopping the heart seems so wishy-washy. I guess ALO was the story taking a break from the doom and gloom death, so now we're getting back to it? Then, there's also the question of the antagonist's motives...is he just going after arrogant pros? Or is he on a path of justice like a certain other character we won't mention here? So far, my main suspect is Kikouka...I wouldn't be surprised.

Just a random side note: Kirito mentions in this episode something about wanting to improve full dive technology by creating a man-machine interface. Could this be suggesting that he was involved in the creation of the Neuro Linker? Also, is there any particular reason Kirito is shown wielding a sword in a gun game? What are these lightsaber hacks? Anyway, we've got the prep...next week, Kirito enters the game.

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