Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen First Impressions (1): Typical setup so far

One of the mecha series of this season, this one (not surprisingly) revolves around a war between two nations. The main character Tokimune Susumu is a newbie in the military who tries to save a civilian transport carrying the Argevollen, the hyper-advanced machine for this series. He is asked to pilot the machine because the only civilian survivor, Jamie Hazaford, refuses to do so for some reason. So far, nothing out of the ordinary here. The mecha battles in this episode were pretty disappointing, though. Until the Argevollen appears, the battles literally consist of two mechas walking around each other firing at each other...wooooo...

Anyway, presumably these machines that Tokimune fought were the small fry. The beginning of the episode showcased more mobile units, which look to be the focus of next week's fight. The main question I have so far about the Argevollen is why it suddenly deactivated (quite conveniently at the end of the battle because why not?). I haven't really seen anything yet that impresses me, so covering this show will probably rely on how convenient it is or something.

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