Tokyo Ghoul First Impressions (1): Well that escalated quickly

This show seems like an interesting one to start the new season. The setting seems to be a near-apocalyptic Tokyo where man-eating "ghouls" are always lurking in the shadows. The main character, Kaneki Ken, is nearly devoured by one of these ghouls, but the ghoul is killed before finishing the job and her organs are transplanted into Ken, making him half-ghoul. It's a strange setup...mostly because we aren't really given any information about why the ghouls exist and what their nature really is. So, it's hard to tell in the first episode how exactly Ken's life is balanced between his two halves. He seems to possess ghoul characteristics, but what part of him is human?

Most of the show seems like it will revolve around Ken's reaction with Kirishima Touka, who is also a ghoul, but seems to be part of some sort of group called Anteiku. Presumably they're trying to coexist with humans somehow (or at least minimize their impact on humanity). It looks like an interesting start, if a bit gruesome. I don't really relish in the gore, but I'll see where it goes for now. There was a song playing at the end of the episode...if it's an opening/ending song, it didn't sound too bad from what I could hear (maybe it was just because the voices were softened).

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