Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 13: Tatsuya's showing off some more

It looks like the sabotage of First High was a one-time thing. This week's competitions seem to go by smoothly. That being said, Tatsuya voiced concern about his identity as Silver being revealed and it looks like Third High are already starting to notice. He seems safe enough now as a nameless engineer, but he might be blown if he enters one of the competitions. Also, were the bookies that claimed responsibility for the incident in Mari's competition supposed to be part of the crime syndicate? Or are they just some other factor altogether?

Miyuki finally got to compete this week, but Masaki's abilities are still shrouded in mystery. Presumably, next week he'll finally join the spotlight. I wonder if his competition will be the one that gets interrupted by crime syndicate activity. Those guys are supposed to be relevant at some point, right?

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