Hitsugi no Chaika Final Episode (12): An ending of sorts

Well, that last episode was to be expected. Given that a second season has already been announced, it shouldn't be surprising that this episode leaves so many questions open. For example, Vivi's hair changing at the end of the episode...was she another Chaika this whole time? And is Gillette really dead? It seems like a rather sad way for him die. I guess most of the fights in this episode were a bit silly. The wizard is beaten with a single blow to the head from Akari and Tooru simply stabs Gavarni.

We also have our first Chaika death of the series (presumably). But probably the biggest mystery of the series for now is what's up with mystery informant guy. Layla seemed to recognize him for some reason and he definitely knows too much. Maybe it's the simple answer and he was created by Gaz to keep the Chaikas on track to gather remains. I thought maybe he was some sort of incarnation of Gaz, but the final image of the episode shows a man in the background who is presumably Gaz, so that's not likely. Do I want to watch the second season? That remains to be seen.

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