Captain Earth Episode 12: I guess this one isn't so simple

It looks like this designer child isn't going to be quite as simple as the others were. When I saw Baku's back story, I was curious whether they would turn him as easily as the others. I guess his motivations aren't quite as simple to throw away. Speaking of the others, though, what have all of them been doing all this time? Zin made a brief appearance, but it seems like basically Amarok and Malkin do everything. If they're recruiting people, what do they even do?

The preview shows the Earth Engine Ordinary fighting against another Machine Goodfellow, but is it Baku? Maybe it's a repeat of one of the previous battles. I'm curious whether Baku will leave behind the woman that he apparently loves to join the Kiltgang. The fact that they're devoting more than one episode to him is a good sign, right? It could mean he's a potential ally...

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