Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 12: Tatsuya's getting all the ladies

It looks like the sabotage is finally starting. I'm curious, though...when they said that the spells had to have been cast by a third party, did they just mean that someone outside of the competition was interfering? Because the most probable candidate for these things is always whoever is number 2, which would be Third High in this case. It also makes sense because it puts Tatsuya at odds with Masaki, who attends Third High. But we have to considered the crime syndicate, after all...

I didn't realize Miyuki was competing in the rookie competitions...that explains why she hasn't been doing anything. Anyway, it looks like she's in the real action now. Is this Mirage Bat competition where Masaki will enter the fold by facing off against Miyuki? Or are all of the competitions unisex?

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