Captain Earth Episode 11: Teppei still seems much more skilled than Daichi

I wonder if Teppei's Livlaster is specifically meant to be used as a shield or if that's just another thing he can do because he has better control of it than Daichi. This week was meant to introduce Setsuna, but it seems like she hasn't joined a side just yet. Just balance-wise, it seems like she should go to the Kiltgang side to have two squirrels facing off against each other, but we'll see. Her personality doesn't seem too bad, but we've seen larger swings with these designer's children.

Next week looks to return to the designer's child hunt as normal. Are these guys ever going to be able to get to one of these people before Amarok and Malkin can? This whole "I used to be an outcast who didn't know my place until I regained my memories and realized why I was special" thing is getting old. Also, is Setsuna going to have a role next week or is she flying under the radar for a bit?

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