Captain Earth Episode 10: Daichi outclassed again...

Well, I guess they had to fail to make the time limit eventually. It looks like Teppei finally got his moment to shine. He seemed a lot more skilled with the Nebula Engine than Daichi has been so far. The ability to dodge all of those lasers shows a level of control Daichi hasn't been able to demonstrate. To Daichi's credit, though, I was surprised when he knocked the gun away from Lieban in the aquarium.

So what does this mean for the future episodes? Is Teppei going to help Daichi on the ground or will he remain the failsafe in case Daichi doesn't make it in time again? Based on the preview, it looks like the two will fight together. Next week, it looks like they will explore this new character Setsuna who has some apparent link to Hana. But is he/she friend or foe? Cursed androgynous characters...

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