Hitsugi no Chaika Episode 9: Flashback time!

It looks like we got some background on Tooru this week. I wonder if Shin or Hasumin from Tooru's past will play a role in the future. Shin seems to be the most likely character to return, potentially to reveal what quality Tooru lacks as a saboteur. Meanwhile, on Gillette's side, he still seems to be having his crisis of conscience, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere yet. All that aside, why did that shopkeeper conveniently have magic fuel and information about the next target for Chaika? Isn't that a little suspicious?

Next week, the group tackles another set of remains. Was the Duke that was mentioned this week the same guy who killed some soldier at the start of last week's episode? Also, it was revealed this week that Chaika can use her memories to cast spells, which makes it much more possible that she has a dark past that was erased.

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