Gokukoku no Brynhildr Episode 9: I wonder if this will end well...

Turns out Nanami isn't quite as bloodthirsty as the other witches sent to capture Neko and the others have been, which makes her a prime target for betraying the lab. Her power certainly seemed useful up until the point where Ryouta completely nullified it...seriously, what is this guy? Also, she's been using the power a lot and hasn't hung up yet. Just how much can she do it?

So far, Nanami seems to be on the track to becoming a member of the cast. But is it really that simple? What did the guy from the lab see at the very end of the episode and why was that shown to us? Maybe it means Nanami will be an unfortunate sacrifice when the guy realizes that he needs to activate her beacon. I wonder how Ryouta plans to remove it...is it really so simple? Will it be one of those "in the nick of time" scenarios?

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