Selector Infected WIXOSS Episode 9: The truth is revealed

So it looks like the current Yuzuki is Hanayo released after all. It only makes sense...the only other option was that the current Yuzuki was some sort of evil clone or something. Strange, though...why is Hitoe going along with this despite knowing the truth? Why has she seemingly become Yuzuki's puppet? Did Yuzuki maliciously promise her something because of what she knows of Hitoe's past? Hitoe shouldn't know who Yuzuki is, right? So she isn't simply trying to save her, right?

What does this truth reveal about what happens next? Hanayo seemed to be very aware of what happened to her while she was an LRIG, but Tama seems pretty clueless. Is she just playing Ruuko or is she some sort of special case? Is she supposed to be the result of someone similar to Ruuko, having no wish, becoming an Eternal Girl? I'm not sure what else we'll get, based on the preview. It looks like Hitoe might lose again, which might trigger her previous wish's punishment...that's all I got.

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