Hitsugi no Chaika Episode 8: Impostor!

Well, this episode seemed like a filler episode, a brief aside about a Chaika impersonator. I can't really say all that much happens. I did find the Neo Gaz Empire pretty strange, though. They said that they really wanted to restore the Gaz Empire when they started out, but I'm curious what they found so great about it. I wouldn't expect the countryside to be as affected by the fall of an empire and they had no attachment to the emperor.

The preview doesn't say all that much about next week. It might end up being more filler. I know the second season was announced and whatnot, but I don't enjoy having my time wasted. Hopefully something actually happens...Gillette's in the preview, so I guess it's possible. But Gillette made his appearances this week that didn't amount to too much...

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