Captain Earth Episode 8: Daichi managed to do okay this time

It's too bad that Zin ended up becoming an enemy, but I guess there was no real alternative. Malkin and Amarok were both out of commission for a while, so Globe gaining another ally just wouldn't work. I'm curious about Zin's background on Earth, though. Was that only shown to emphasize how out-of-place he felt in the world or will that come into play later for turning him against Kiltgang?

It looks like next week, Akari will be kidnapped. It's a smart plan since she's been pretty useful against the Kiltgang. I'm curious, the show going to move towards a race to reach the other designer's children that have lost their memories? Will Teppei remain a special case or is there a chance of stopping more of them from returning to Kiltgang despite regaining their memories? Also, how exactly is Teppei supposed to fight now that he destroyed his Ego Block?

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