Black Bullet Episode 8: Building the A team

So the countermeasure for the monolith's corrosion from Aldebaran is to create a new monolith? What happens if Aldebaran decides he feels like drooling on the new monolith? It sounds like they're also expecting Rentarou to kill Aldebaran while he's defending the monolith. There was also a brief moment with the blind Cursed Child this week that I'm wondering she supposed to be relevant? Is she supposed to join the team eventually?

I'm not sure how Rentarou expects to hold out against waves of Gastrea with only one team as his backup, and a team ranked in the thousands at that. Maybe Kagetane will make his reappearance as an ally in Rentarou's moment of need. Surely he'll need the help. He was only able to beat the Godzilla Gastrea with the help of the railgun, which probably won't be much of an option this time, so I don't see how he beat this one with so few people. I'm expecting another cheat code to get him through this.

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