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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 8: Tatsuya's showing off again...

Oh got a major problem making a flying spell? Don't worry, Tatsuya's got the answer. That was kind of a random way to end the episode. Considering how easily he figured out the flying spell and the reactions Miyuki had in the student council room, Tatsuya has to be Taurus Silver. I don't think we can call it speculation anymore.

It looks like the next big enemy is an international crime syndicate this time. I wonder if the school is even really necessary in this show. It seems like most of the major arcs involved militarized organizations dragging Tatsuya in. Anyway, what are the odds that Tatsuya's role as the engineer in the Nine Schools Competition ends up pulling him into the competition itself? Also, did anyone else notice how close Tatsuya got to escaping the student council room before being forced to become the engineer? Poor guy...

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