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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 7: That attack was easy...

We finally meet Masaki, the mysterious guy from the opening theme shown opposing Tatsuya. It seems as though he is different from the Kazama person that was mentioned to Tatsuya by Sayaka's father, who seems to be some sort of link for Tatsuya to the military. Oh right, there was also that whole deal with assaulting the Blanche HQ this week too. Huh...that ended pretty quickly. Looks like it wasn't all that important.

Presumably, the next arc will feature Masaki. He seems to use the same gun CAD that Tatsuya uses, so do they actually have a history? It looks like the next arc will be some sort of inter-school competition, so maybe Tatsuya will be put in the running to represent his school? That's probably how he ends up fighting Masaki...

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