Selector Infected WIXOSS Episode 7: So...Iona is the enemy?

It looks like Akira hit three losses as well at the hands of Iona. So far, it looks like Iona and Ruuko have a light vs. dark thing going on, but I still wonder if she's supposed to be the antagonist here. We still don't have a clear one and she's been fitting the role so far. That being said, it just doesn't feel quite right. And isn't that other girl supposed to be involved in all of this too? What's her role?

I guess Iona has found something in Ruuko. It's not something cheesy like "a worthy opponent" or "someone who can grant my wish", right? I can't think of much else. It looks like next week will be threatening failure on Yuzuki? Is she the next one that will have her wish tainted? If so, there's a high likelihood that Ruuko will find the "heal everyone's wishes" ending eventually...

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