Hitsugi no Chaika Episode 6: Still enemies?

Well, that whole exchange is over now. It doesn't seem to have done much more than gain the group another set of stalkers. As for the brief scene with the speculation that all Chaikas are actually real, I'm still skeptical about the speech patterns. That sort of thing just doesn't seem genetic, so they'd have to have grown up together. Of course, this is still possible given the memory loss, but how could others not have noticed?

Probably going back to business as usual next week. Another hero and another piece of the emperor. It looks like Gillette will make his appearance next week. Based on the preview, will Chaika team up with him temporarily for this one? Given what happened with the last group, I'm still doubtful that more people will join the main cast, but I guess Gillette could tell them more about the fake Chaikas or something.

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