Black Bullet Episode 5: Bodyguard duty

It looks like protecting Seitenshi is the name of the game now. Now that Rentarou has been revealed to be a cyborg similar to Kagetane was, I'm starting to question less why he's so special and am starting to focus on Seitenshi. She's an important leader, but so far, I haven't seen anything to indicate why she's so special. Does she have some sort of special power? Or maybe just a background with the origin of Gastrea?

Anyway, next week looks to go more into this Tina Sprout character trying to kill Seitenshi. Based on what we've seen so far, it's very likely that she will end up being turned by Rentarou. They met under casual circumstances and she "conveniently" didn't see him when she was attacking Seitenshi. Plus, she's a Cursed Child and Rentarou is really into those for some reason.

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