Black Bullet Episode 4: It's Godzilla!

Well, we've reached the limit of what I've seen. The battle against Kagetane was the last thing I saw. I'm surprised the Stage Five Gastrea went down so easily, only needing one railgun charge to destroy it. I guess this entire episode felt too easy. This episode seemed a lot like a final battle, but it's not even halfway through the show. As a side note, I'm curious why Enju's corrosion rate went up so much after the battle. Rentarou seemed to do all the work against Kagetane.

I'm definitely not convinced that Kagetane is dead. The question remains whether he will return an enemy or an ally. I'm also curious whether there will be any unknown side effects from Rentarou's injection of about six ampules of that Gastrea drug. As for the bicycle, I understand that the Gastrea were originally human (it was a virus after all), but it's definitely curious that a Stage Five would appear just because of a bicycle. I assume it has something to do with their hidden purpose or something.

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