Selector Infected WIXOSS Episode 4: Something dark's going to happen soon, right?

It looks like my prediction of the early wish forced on Ruuko has a fairly low chance of happening. It looks like this show wants to milk the fact that she's a wish-less player in a wish-granting game. A possible direction for the show would be watching the other Selectors find out about Ruuko's lack of wish, so they avoid her until her thirst for battle overcomes her and Tama somehow. That might be too extreme, though.

Next week looks to delve into the darkness surrounding Hitoe. She managed to get her wish without completing the game and now has no reason to battle. There were hints that this would end poorly for her this week, and they'll probably be put into play next week based on the title of the next episode. Is it as simple as losing her LRIG? I don't expect it to be something extreme like "she'll never be able to get her wish now", right?

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