Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 3: Now Tatsuya is just showing off

This episode illustrates the points where Tatsuya diverges from a character I would make. I personally dislike how Tatsuya flaunts himself and his power out in the open. If I were creating Tatsuya, he would stop the fight and remain standing in the crowd. He also wouldn't get embarrassed at seeing Erika and wouldn't be on the disciplinary committee, but that's another story. It isn't all disagreeable, though. I would probably have revealed a larger portion of my character's big secret earlier. Of course, I'd keep a key piece away from the audience in preparation for a big reveal, but Tatsuya seems to have a lot of mystery surrounding him. For example, that scene where Miyuki casts a spell on him and he seems to "reboot" was very suspicious. Also, the conversation about his "rare" CAD made by the mysterious engineer Taurus Silver was super suspicious.

The title of the next episode (Enrollment IV) makes me realize we're still in introductory episodes. Well, some of the key players for the first major arc were revealed this week. The show moves pretty quickly with relation to the material I've read, so it's possible that they'll try to fit three or four major arcs in this series. I mean...I have no complaints about that.

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