Selector Infected WIXOSS Episode 2: These card games are serious business

Interesting. They put Yuzuki  in a pretty fragile place pretty early in the series. I guess they're planning on resolving her stuff with her brother pretty quickly. Based on visuals for this series, both of the characters introduced this week, Akira and Hitoe, will be joining the main cast. The game itself seems simple enough. I'm assuming "growing" the Rulig is similar to playing mana and you can play cards that are of similar level to your Rulig. I'm still trying to figure out what Kazuki meant when he said Yuzuki shouldn't only grow to level 2, but my guess is that he's saying you should grow when you have the chance so as not to give away what levels are in your hand.

The battles for the next episode (which I'll probably be watching later today) are more up in the air. On the one hand, our main character should probably be winning most games. But on the other hand, Hitoe already has a loss and is presumably joining the main cast. A character so close to elimination in the main cast just seems like dead weight. As for the battle with Yuzuki and Akira, Akira certainly needs to be put in her place, but Yuzuki could use the loss to really push her over the limit. I'm also curious whether Akira acts the way she does because she enjoys the battles as battles or whether she's just really desperate for her wish like everyone else. That would make the main character Ruuko more unique in not having a wish.

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