Black Bullet Episode 2: Kagetane strikes

This episode was mostly meant to reveal Hiruko Kagetane as the main antagonist as well as display much of the ill treatment of the Cursed Children that are used to protect Tokyo. I was never a huge fan of the whole "Cursed Children are feared by humanity, so they are discriminated against" thing, but I liked that they put some ambiguity in Kagetane's character. It's not super obscured which side he's on, though, since he is revealed to be after this Inheritance of the Seven Stars that can topple the walls protecting Tokyo.

Anyway, next week the battles continue and it should be revealed just how powerful Hiruko is. The anime seems to be going through what I read in the manga pretty quickly, so my knowledge of the story will probably run out pretty soon. That should make things more interesting for me to cover it.

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