Captain Earth Episode 2: Is that the Illusive Man??

So it looks like the main enemy in this series is this Salty Dog organization. They've shown us secret plots with computers about world domination as well as harsh control over Hana and Teppei. Presumably they were the ones meeting secretly at the end of the first episode. Also, I'm very curious exactly what the exact nature of these Kiltgang people is. Why are there only two of them shown when there seemed to be quite a few launch gates in their facility? What exactly are they hoping to achieve?

It looks like next week, Akari (looks like the girl helping Daichi this week) will join the cast. Also, it looks like the guy in blue from the Kiltgang will take his turn fighting the Earth Engine. But the preview also mentions that Salty Dog will sabotage the Earth Engine. Are they really so prideful that they'd screw humanity's attempts to defend against the invaders just because Daichi acted like a kid and shot down the sensor tower? Is that even realistic?

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