Gokukoku no Brynhildr Episode 2: The big bad reveals himself

Ahh, so it wasn't Neko's forecast after all. I still think that the way she talked about the forecasts last week was weird. Anyway, I guess the new character is Kana, the cheeky paralyzed girl. I mean...they could have at least given the machine voice a bit of delay when she was typing. I'm not gonna lie...I totally wasn't expecting the blender when Neko said Kana couldn't chew food. Thought I was going to have to watch some regurgitated food or something.

Anyway, it looks like the witches are all fugitives and are being hunted down. That's probably more interesting than a show where the two main characters go around changing the forecasts that Kana sees. Based on opening and ending, there are more characters that need to be introduced, so presumably the next couple of weeks or so will be devoted to that. The end of the episode suggested something wrong with Neko, but I assume the nosebleed is related to the "pills" she mentioned with Kana.

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