Knights of Sidonia Episode 1 (First Impressions): This kid can sure take a beating

Well, I thought I'd give this series a shot. It looks like a standard mecha series setup where humanity is trying to defend itself from an alien threat with giant robots. The main character Tanikaze Nagate is a particularly resilient guy (I'm surprised he's still alive) who is presumably a descendant of a legendary pilot. Joining him is a pretty normal cast: the girl who saves Nagate and presumably his future love interest, the hermaphrodite who will probably fall in love with Nagate as well, and the cocky talent who is jealous of the attention Nagate gets.

The opening for this show is pretty good, but the episode itself is pretty predictable. I suppose a first episode can only do so much, but the appearance of the Gauna, the link between Nagate and the "Ace", and the whole thing with giving the Tsugumori to Nagate were all pretty obvious things. I'm not sure if I want to continue watching. I assume more about Nagate will be revealed next week when he finally fights, so maybe I'll hold on a bit more.

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