Selector Infected WIXOSS Episode 1 (First Impressions): Settling problems with a children's card game?

Well, I saw some interesting genre tags on this show and I was a bit interested. From the first episode, it looks like we've got a card game that can affect the real world. The main character Kominato Ruuko is one of a select group of players that can have her wish granted if she wins enough battles. The first episode is pretty worrisome from my point of view. I'm looking for the high stakes in a show like this, but the episode shows us that battles can be interrupted at no cost to the users. Also, there doesn't seem to be a penalty from dropping out of the game (with three losses) other than losing the chance to gain your wish.

The only source of hope was the brief vision Ruuko has of a deformed Tama, but that really isn't all that much to go with. Honestly, the way I see this show becoming interesting is if some tragedy occurs, such as Ruuko's grandmother dying, forcing her to put more effort into getting her wish. If this were to happen, it couldn't be a natural death either, as that's a weak reason to join the game to me. The preview suggests that this show will intend to take a dark approach to the game. I may have to get a second opinion about following this one.

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