Isshuukan Friends Episode 1 (First Impressions): The feels

I saw some screenshots from this episode and felt like I'd give it a try. It's a pretty simple scenario. The main character Hase Yuuki is trying to make friends with Fujimiya Kaori, a girl who tries to act cold because she loses her memories every week. The show amps up the drama a bit by making it so that only her happy memories disappear. I suppose if all memories disappeared, she'd have a hard time keeping up in class and it would be harder to accept the show concept.

The soundtrack in this show is pretty nice, definitely one of the better ones I've heard this season. The soundtrack probably made a stronger impression on me than the opening and ending, but they were decent songs, I guess. The trajectory of the show is pretty straightforward. Yuuki will keep trying to get close to Kaori, dragging in a few other people with him. Then the power of friendship will triumph over memory loss. I think I'll keep watching this show, but it doesn't look like much material I can write about in a post each week.

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