Captain Earth Episode 1 (First Impressions): Longer transformation sequence than the Megazord

Well, I have no information going into this show. It's just another way to satisfy my mecha interests this season. So far, it looks like the show is a standard mecha show where humanity has to fight against a group of invaders with the help of giant robots. Anyway, it looks like our main character Manatsu Daichi is a mysterious "captain" like his father, able to pilot the giant mecha that takes a decade to put together. I'm seeing a lot of comparisons to Star Driver, but I've never seen that show, so I'm going in blind.

Based on previous shows of a similar vein, my initial prediction would be that these invaders are actually just humans, but that's just a gut reaction. That strange scene near the end of the episode where the political-looking men are talking about "factions" seems to suggest this a bit. There are a lot of things that seem cheesy about this show, but I might take it as my mecha show of the season. The music is actually decent (insert song and ending song). Good music makes a promising case for the show, right? Anyway, it looks like next week, Daichi has to learn how to pilot his mecha.

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