Golden Time Episode 24 (Final): All hail the great and powerful 2D-kun!

Well, that's the closest they can get to a happy ending, I suppose. Ghost Banri still disappears, but he at least leaves with some closure from Linda. Linda also has to give Ghost Banri up, but I guess she still has Mitsuo as a rebound guy. I'm sure there's supposed to be some sort of message somewhere about not being tied down by the past. Well, given the sheer amount of opening devoted to Kouko, who didn't expect this ending?

The drama is over, it seems. The entire scene with Ghost Banri was pretty cheesy, especially when Linda joined. I'm starting to think that entire part was a figment of New Banri's imagination. Anyway, only one thing left to say for this show: vote 2D-kun for best character.

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