Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 12: An extended epilogue, it seems

So Claire was the sacrifice. They sure managed to reach the End of the Sky pretty quickly after that. This episode seemed like it was a "mission accomplished" episode, but it didn't really come across as such. It felt more like an epilogue, where loose ends were just getting tied up. I guess it felt a bit odd to me. Ignacio's always full of surprises, though. Was he trying to suggest that he and Kal-el share a father or something?

Next week should be the final episode for this show. Based on the preview, it looks like it will involve much reminiscing and flashbacks. Of course, that might not be the episode itself, so we'll see. Based on the final scene from the preview, it looks like it will fast-forward further into the future. It looks like a much older Ari is standing there at the very end. Does that much time really pass before Kal-el can see Claire again?

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