Golden Time Episode 23: Wait, run that last line by me again?

Wait, what? He just lost all of his memories after the accident in a epilogue fashion after all of that drama? Well, I guess I am getting tired of hearing his screaming and whining. And poor 2D-kun as usual...he tried so desperately to make his move, but was denied. He didn't even get screen time when his friendly outing was cancelled.

So is that how it all ends? New Banri reverts back to Ghost Banri and goes on with life? Presumably there would be some scenes next week that hint that New Banri still lives on a little bit. That would be the bittersweet ending. Of course, the more happy ending is that he comes back somehow. But where does that leave Ghost Banri? Is there a way to end this series that isn't bittersweet?

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