Log Horizon Episode 24: Shiroe steps into the fray

It looks like Shiroe has finally figured things out. Solving issues with the power of love! He continues to conclude that the attack is the work of the People of the Land, but I still suspect otherwise. An attack from a western noble? It seems much more likely that this is linked to spell cast in the west. Also, the entire time Marves was on screen, I kept asking myself "are these adventurers with him actual adventurers or converted adventurers from Shiroe's spell?" If they're actual adventurers, this makes it much more likely in my eyes that this is an adventurer-organized attack.

Either way, it looks like Shiroe will confront the true mastermind next week in what appears to be our final episode for this series. I'm assuming the cat-girl in the preview is also the storyteller that we've seen wandering around. An inconclusive ending is guaranteed, but we still have to see how much we're left hanging.

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