Buddy Complex Episode 10: Taking a break

Everyone gets a break from the battles this week. Dio gets his chance to reconcile with his father. That was fairly easy. Mayuka also gets to spend some quality time with Aoba. Poor girl. Aoba only has eyes for Hina. Not too much to discuss this week. There was the brief question of whether Aoba would want to stay in this time period, but it seems like he will based on what the other Hina said before disappearing.

Next week, Zogilia begins their infiltration operation. Interesting that the episode is titled "The Truth". Sounds very ominous. Is it because they will learn the truth about the Coupling System? Or is there some deeper secret to one of the two warring sides that they'll uncover. Maybe this will be that moment of disgust that turns Hina that I mentioned last week.

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