Log Horizon Episode 23: Looks like things are building up again

I guess there will be another battle after all. Are adventurers making the move using People of the Land as pawns or are the People of the Land making their own move? The first option seems the most likely, but there is always the possibility of the second option (it would probably be linked to Shiroe's spell if that were the case).

Shiroe's on the case, though. Based on the preview, it looks like Shiroe may be backed into a corner strategically when he faces this foe. Judging by the remaining number of episodes, it seems pretty unlikely that this is related to the spell cast in the west that Regan mentioned. My guess is that it's some unrelated adventurer attack that will be dealt with swiftly. But we did get a brief glimpse of that storyteller walking around Akihabara, so maybe this is the beginning of the cliffhanger ending I predicted. Also...still keeping my eye out for "Surprise Henrietta".

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