Noragami Episode 9: What a touchy-feely episode

Isn't it a bit early for an episode like this? All of these heartfelt apologies and such seem more appropriate for a final episode. Once it became clear what an ablution was, the episode went pretty much as expected. The one thing that was a little odd to me was Yato's emphasis of Hiyori's role in saving Yukine at the end of the episode. The beginnings of love? Or maybe he's starting to think that returning her to normal wouldn't be a great idea?

Only a few episodes remaining. There are plenty of loose ends left, like Nora's intentions, Bishamon's grudge, and Hiyori's condition. Based on the ending of the episode, Nora's probably going to be the focus for the rest of the series. I'm guessing she's the easiest to resolve out of the three based on what we've seen so far.

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