Log Horizon Episode 22: And now Shiroe is a womanizer to the public

Well, so far it's going as was suggested last week. This episode is fairly light and there doesn't seem like there will be much more conflict in the rest of the series. I imagine I'll have less and less to talk about for the rest of the series. All I can really do is make a prediction. Based on what I've seen so far, the last episode will be a cliffhanger into another "season".

So...is love really going to be the point of tension for the remaining episodes? Based on the preview, it looks like this continues next week at the very least. Love rivalry, I guess, is the name of the game. Oh well, next week zooms more on Minori. Theoretically, Akatsuki is the better choice age-wise, but video games tend to remove those sorts of boundaries. And we can't discount the possibility of "Surprise Henrietta".

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