Noragami Episode 8: Maybe Yukine will finally stop with this rebellious teenager phase...

Looks like Yukine's at the tipping point. I guess Yato was hoping that he would turn around on his own like the boy in this episode, but it turns out he should have told Yukine about the blight from the start. Surely this will be enough to make Yukine get over himself. He's been pretty annoying lately.

Next week, it looks like Yukine continues turning and Daikoku and Kofuku will have to keep him contained. The way things are going, I'm curious whether he'll become a half-ayakashi like Hiyori is. As if they needed any more reason to get along. I'm also curious how Nora will factor into all of this. I don't expect Yukine's troubles to last more than next episode or the episode after that. We're getting close to an far it looks like it won't be conclusive.

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