Noragami Episode 7: So Yukine is the focus after all

So if Nora is actually a rejected Regalia, there are two possibilities I'm currently running in my mind. The first theory, the theory that she is some sort of ghost of the Regalia that Yato killed is looking pretty weak now. My second theory is simpler. She's just the Regalia that was used to kill Bishamon's Regalia, which is why Yato has rejected her and refuses to use her. That's my current working theory.

But the focus so far is mostly on Yukine, who is slowly being corrupted and is eating away at Yato. It looks like Yukine will be going to school next week based on the preview. If I had to guess, he'll make a few friends and probably get more angry with Yato because he interferes with it for godly reasons or whatnot.

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