Log Horizon Episode 20: Shiroe the god mod

Wow, so did Shiroe really manage to cast a world-class spell? The other option is that he didn't cast a world-class magic, but is still leveraging the spell that originally brought the adventurers into the world. This would explain his comparison of this spell with Nyanta's cooking. If he really did cast a world-class spell (they did show Regan briefly), then a lot of a questions need to be answered. First off, why was he able to cast it in the first place? Is it only because he's a level 90 scribe? Also, what effect will this spell have on the world? Will other People of the Land be allowed to become adventurers by joining guilds? Lenessia, maybe? Also, does Rudy now have a way to "escape the system"?

I know there's a big war going on right now, but man...I'm so curious about this world-class magic stuff. Another thing to note is that Akatsuki actually wasn't around when Shiroe was doing all of this stuff, so she's still in the dark. I wonder what effect that will have when she has already been showing signs that she feels left out. From the preview, it looks like she's going to be a bit of a focus during all of the partying and celebration next week. Another interesting thing to ask is what memories did Rudy lose when he died?

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