Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 6: Not much happening

I guess this episode was supposed to be a "calm before the storm" episode as everyone approaches their destination. I would have expected the halfway point in the show to be a little bit more exciting. As usual, Ignacio makes a brief appearance to save the day, only to fall back into the shadows again afterwards. Seriously, who is this guy?

Should I interpret that exchange between Mitsuo and Chiharu as a death flag? It's strange to have love-ish scenes this early, and the group is preparing for what seems to be war. I wouldn't find it all that surprising if those two are shot down next week, based on the preview. Also, is the entire second half of the series going to be a bloodbath? Aren't they all talking about finally reaching their goal? Reaching the goal with 6 episodes left seems pretty suspicious to me.

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