Log Horizon Episode 19: Well, that was mostly expected

So Rudy was one of the People of the Land after all. It makes sense...it was the simplest explanation. Every other possibility I could come up with was far too complicated. He had to make things more complicated. I'm curious why the revival spell wouldn't work on him, though. Since he was allowed to join the party, I assumed he was something similar to a companion, who can usually be revived. I guess Elder Tale's mechanics had to be conveniently different for drama.

It looks like they're dragging Shiroe away from his post at the command center in a desperate attempt to save Rudy. If there were any way to save him, I suppose Shiroe would be the one to know. But will Rudy return without some of his memories? And what will become of the rest of the army while someone as important as Shiroe is gone?

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