Kill la Kill Episode 17: Time for war

Satsuki said she's fighting against the Life Fibers, right? That means the dream pair are going to start working together? Quick...when did I predict this? I know I saw this coming. I'm not sure how shocking this was because I got this moment spoiled before watching this episode (I blame Twitter). But I did mention last week that I sensed rebellion in Satsuki, so I'm gonna say I wouldn't have been all that surprised. It's a nice twist. I think Satsuki and Ryuuko work better as allies since they both possess the Kamui.

Anyway, next week the battle begins. It looks like being stabbed through the heart isn't quite enough to kill Kiryuin Ragyo, so I guess they'll have to continue fighting her. I'm curious whether Nui joins in to fight against Satsuki or with her. Knowing her, she could really go either way. I guess she makes an okay ally too.

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