Log Horizon Episode 18: To war!

It looks like Lenessia was able to convince everyone to fight. Probably because they think it's just a quest. Of course, they still don't know the limits of their immortality as well. Shiroe definitely could have made it more convincing by creating an illusion of an exclamation mark over Lenessia when she was giving the speech. Clearly, any good strategist would know this fact.

Switching back to the newbies next week, it seems. From the preview it looks like Isuzu's relationship with Rudy will be growing stronger. That should make his big reveal so much more disheartening, right? There's an interesting scene at the end of this episode too where Crusty's face darkens. I guess Lenessia has only seen his more composed self where he's trying to act respectful. Now she'll see what he's like in combat.

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