Buddy Complex Episode 4: Is that High-Expectations Asian Father??

Well, I wonder if Dio managed to get over his problems with Aoba. They managed to pull off a Coupling, but surely he still has his doubts. That aside, this week's episode seems to be a bit of a slow down. Nothing really interested me. The first half was spent solidifying Aoba's resolve to fight by showing him that there was nothing left for him. The second half was re-establishing some sort of relationship with Dio.

Will next week give us more information about Dio? The title suggests that it will, but the scenes from the preview look like it's just going to be another battle against Zogilia. On that note, how exactly does Aoba plan to talk to Hina again without breaking the Coupling this time? Maybe she'll be captured? Also, was that brief mention of Aoba's sister supposed to be important somehow?

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