Noragami Episode 4: New characters!

Okay, so the Regalia lurking in the shadows last week wasn't Tomone. They all look the same. It looks like this Nora has a strange attachment to Yato. Based on context, she's probably the Regalia that Kofuku claimed Yato killed. But if so, why is she still lingering around? Yato seems to have quite the dark past. I think with this episode, this series basically just turned into Rurouni Kenshin, but we'll have to see.

Not sure what to make of the preview for next week. It looks like maybe more stuff with Yukine? I guess the cast is still getting settled. I'm so curious about Yato's past now. Hopefully it isn't too much of a letdown (or a copy lol). Well, so far I have some pretty high hopes for this show.

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