Log Horizon Episode 17: Lenessia has joined the party

I can't tell whether I should blame scripting or whether I should blame the translators for this, but I understand that adventurers are free. Can you stop repeating that? Probably the most frustrating part of that mini-speech from Lenessia. Anyway, she had a point. The Round Table doesn't rule over Akihabara, so forcing adventurers to send troops to fight the goblins would be giving people like Shiroe and Crusty far too much power. Meanwhile, it looks like the skirmish that the new players are having against the goblins is going well. That seems kinda dangerous to me, though. Maybe something bad will happen next week? Probably to Rudy...

Although, if something that bad were to happen next week, it would probably be in the preview. It looks like next week's episode focuses solely on Lenessia (maybe the week after for Rudy to die?). Her role as the ambassador between the adventurers and the People of the Land is basically set in stone. Looks like she'll be able to get things done.

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