Log Horizon Episode 16: This is the part where the fun stops?

So we finally have confirmation of the memory loss stuff. I'm a little surprised Crusty noticed the loss, but I guess it helps the story if everyone doesn't think Shiroe is crazy. The brain is supposedly really good at filling up gaps in memory if they aren't too major. But anyway, it's time for even more memories to be lost.

Looks like Lenessia makes her move next week. Time for the People of the Land to team up with the adventurers to fight the goblins? I'm assuming this war is going to be the "final boss"? Meanwhile, the newbies are mounting their own attack on the goblins. They have Nyanta and Naotsugu to bail them out if things get dicey, but I assume this is Minori's time to shine...and potentially we'll find out who Rudy actually is.

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